Winner 2015 StorErotica Novelty Company of the Year, 2015 AdultEx Manufacturer of the Year and 2012 XBiz Pleasure Products Company of the Year.

Pipedream has remained on the cutting edge for over 40 years, setting the standard for innovative and affordable products since 1973. It's hard to believe this international multi-million dollar empire got its start selling smoking accessories out of the back of a van (hence the name Pipedream), only to become the largest pleasure products manufacturer in the world. Pipedream now rank number 1 in manufacturing, number 1 in sales, number 1 in customer service and number 1 in awards.

Pipedream's mainstream recognition surpasses that of any other adult novelty manufacturer. Most recently Pipedream's Moist earned an award from Women's Health Magazine, Fetish Fantasy Series was continuously featured throughout all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy, while several of their PDX Fuck Me Silly demo videos have gone viral with millions of views.

Pipedream, a name that's never been more fitting. You may not need to look any further once you've seen their catalog of sex toys for sale for all fetish types. Starting at the top and working our way down, gag-balls, and lots of masks for the BDSMers to complete their collection.

For oral pleasure you can choose flavored candy that fizzes, giving your BJs or eating out an extra pop. For your lady humps, there are nipple stimulators, rings or clamps for the twins. And for all your downstairs delights and fantasy kinks, there's a plethora of choices; dildos, stap-ons, anal beads, plugs & vibrators.

If you need a plastic friend, PDX has all your desires covered from blow up dolls of famous hot celebs, pocket pussies, BJ's, masturbators, back door dolls, titty fucking, and male enhancer pumps. For all your BDSM needs, there are harnesses, bindings, masks & hoods, bondage tape, cuffs and paddles and whips. Like a superstore for adult toys, Pipedream has it all.

You can find the right anal fantasy toys for all your back-door fantasies. You can choose from butt plugs for starters or upgrade to the Vibrating Butt Buddy for enhanced pleasure. PDX has a vast selection with different textures and designs that you're sure to find the right fit. Perhaps your lady doesn't allow access to her rear entry? No worries, PDX's Cute Lil Tush is always ready and willing, you'll never be denied access ever again.

Pipedream Extreme toys can satisfy all your fantasies. If you're looking for a palm pussy who's always willing and ready to go, Pipedream has a large selection of snatches to choose from. Get nasty with PDX's vibrating freshman fuckhole to fulfill all your college romping sessions, not only is this little freshman girl designed to rub your cock the right way, it vibrates too. Let the private lessons begin.

The vast variety of Pipedream sex toys will excite and astound you, for you naughty vixens that like to double up, have your man strap on Double Trouble, now you can have twice the fun having your frontal and rear both taken at once. As a bonus, the strapping doubles as a cock ring, doubling the time.

Maybe your guy wants you to strap on and ride ‘em till he buckles? PDX has several strap on dongs to choose from. For the newbie virgins, there's a beginners strap-on so you can experiment before up-grading to the more experienced versions. Vibrating and non-vibrating are available.

If you're looking to dip your toes into BSDM, start with Fetish Fantasy bed bindings, get all tied up while your partner has their way with you. The cuffs are lined for comfort and it even comes with a free satin eye mask which heightens all your other senses. Don't forget the toys, this is meant to be enjoyed with accessories whether that'd be vibrators, feather ticklers, dildos, nipple clamps, a swatting paddle or a whip. The more toys the better the fun. Just don't forget the safe word…

If you're shy about your extreme fantasies, and don't like shopping in adult stores, you can still find all your needs and have them shipped to your home in discrete packaging. You can protect your privacy and shop with confidence online. All of our products are shipped fast so you can start enjoying your fantasies without delay.

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