Wild Secrets

Is Wild Secrets the top adult toy supplier in NZ?

Everyone wants to know who’s the best. But we prefer to ask: “Who tries harder?”.

Wild Secrets NZ is another well-known brand in the adult toys niche, seeing spectacular growth since they first launched. 25 years in the game have made them one of the biggest stores in online sex toys.

But does bigger always mean better?

Hell no! And this holds true for sex toys and established adult brands like Wild Secrets NZ.

Sometimes “bigger” means lost packages, long support waiting times and cheaper quality of goods. And sometimes it means they simply don’t try as hard.

We, on the other hand, delight in giving you a personalized shopping experience and doing absolutely everything in our power to make sure you find joy in the bedroom.

Our Very Own Wild Secret

Call us crazy, but we love being the underdogs in the rapidly booming adult toy NZ niche. Why?

We try harder, look further and push to be authentic in everything we do. But how does that benefit you?

Well, we’re not some shady internet company or miscellaneous warehouse workers slapping on labels and hoping for the best. We’re real Kiwis with a deep understanding of the importance of sex and sensory pleasure.

Our philosophies and work ethic trickle down into everything we do. Sure, we’re not the biggest and baddest, but you’ll be glad we aren’t.

Here’s why.

A Crystal Clear Mission 

As a species, we’re becoming more disconnected from our intelligent bodies through constant use of electronics, phones, computers and endless entertainment on tap. Porn is replacing sex and real relationships between real people, and it’s happening fast.

Our mission is to reconnect bodies and minds once more.

We have, and always will prioritize your happiness and pleasure over financial gain. It’s never been about making a quick buck at

Not only do we make your shopping experience fast, easy, and discreet, we also like to think it’s exciting, invoking feelings of wonder and possibilities before you’ve even ordered.

We let you buy from the comfort of your computer so you can finally get away from it (and into the bedroom).

We Look Further

When you’re not the biggest, you need to look further. We can’t afford to make you wait more than 3 days for your package. Or receive anything less than pristine toys, speedy support, and the best deals in all of New Zealand.

Plus, our items never go out of stock.

But above all, we push to do the right thing by equipping you with the finest information and tools for giving your body what it truly craves – movement, pleasure and sensory nourishment.

Discover Deepened Sexual Intimacy

Your body knows things that your mind cannot. Therefore, we understand that being in the adult toy niche is so much more than the toys themselves, and comes with a responsibility to help you rediscover this.

Time in the bedroom should be raw, pleasurable, authentic and true. After all, sex lets you reach the most primal states of joy humans can enter.

We try to encompass all of these values by offering the best prices, fastest shipping, highest levels of privacy and sex-positive information to help you set your sex life on fire.

Whether it’s vibrators, stunning realistic dildos, or sexy lingerie you’re after, there really is no need to look further than GetSexToys NZ.

Time to rediscover what being human is all about.