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LELO was born in the front room of a townhouse in Stockholm in 2003. Three designers all asked themselves the same question; what if our most intimate objects were designed to match the most beautiful items we display proudly in our homes? The result was a range of pleasure products that would come to surpass the confines of an entire industry.

The company have now been in operation for well over a decade and have earned an enviable reputation; one based upon innovation, quality, and designing and manufacturing products that are entirely original and unique.

The ethos behind LELO is a desire to explore and refine the gap where human sensation and digital technology meet. They are a brand of many nuances, and their design team is driven by insatiable curiosity. Their designs are instantly recognizable, and their products are always ahead of the tide; so much so that they offer their customers new sensations before they realize they even want them! They do this by looking outwards, beyond their current product range, and beyond the industry in general.

Today, the company have offices worldwide, but their roots are very definitely in Sweden. LELO continue to look for new opportunities to improve their range, and their excitement at finding these opportunities is evident in their finished products.

Millions of people across the globe now own a LELO; this inspires the company to create new sensations and to turn your fantasies into reality. Make exploring your sexuality a far richer experience with LELO. Their intensive research coupled with their entirely original ideas are guaranteed to both thrill and delight your senses.

One of LELO’s newest, and perhaps most groundbreaking products, is the LELO HEX™. This natural latex condom is strong, yet incredibly thin, and delivers superior sensation due to its revolutionary hexagonal structure. The condom is 0.045mm thin, with a diameter of 54mm, and is lightly lubricated. The world’s media have called it the first major innovation in years, and one of the most important advances in condom technology for decades.

There are a multitude of different vibrators and intimate massagers available on the market. However, none compete with LELO’s Ora™ 2.  This intelligent oral sex simulator offers a teasing, thrilling, oral sex sensation that is even better than the real thing, and is guaranteed to wow your senses time and time again.

The LELO Tiani™ 24k  features a 24k gold ring which is laser-engraved with a unique serial number making every sexual encounter a luxurious experience. The TIANI™ 24k is worn inside the woman’s body during intercourse and features intense vibrations which are operated via remote control. The exclusive SenseMotion™ technology enhances the sensations experienced by both partners. Flexible enough to fit all body types and to accommodate different positions, the small, silicone shape provides a more fulfilling experience for her and more intensity for him.

If you enjoy G-Spot stimulation then why not take a look at the Gigi™ 2? This intimate massager has a curved and flattened tip which accurately targets your G-spot maximizing your solo pleasure. The Gigi™ 2 has quickly become one of the bestselling G-Spot massagers of all time due to its superior design and ability to perform like no other, time and time again.

If you enjoy luxury, and admire innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, then LELO is the perfect choice when next shopping for your intimate, pleasure products.

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