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Sex! Board Game

by Kheper Games
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Heaps of Different Ways To Get Laid! Seduce your sweetie with this hot and steamy adult board game! Roll the dice and engage your lover in foreplay as you move around the board. Answer naughty sex trivia questions to collect sexual position cards. When you have 6 cards, carry out the fantasy!

The most popular adult card game in the world is now also a steamy hot board game! as you move around the board, you and your lover engage in erotic foreplay and tantalizing treats. earn sex position cards by correctly answering sex trivia questions. you and your lover win when you complete and carry out a fantasy of 6 sex positions.

1 game board,
35 He Asks cards,
35 She Asks cards,
60 Sex! cards,
3 dice,
2 game markers and instructions.