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MOOD Arousal Gels, Warm, Tingle, Intensify - 3 x 56gram tubs.

by Doc Johnson
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For hotter orgasms... For tingling orgasms... For intense orgasms...

Mood Arousal Gels - Warm, Tingle, Intensify. Finally, an arousal gel for every mood! Our new Mood Arousal Gels come in a 3-pack of 2 ounces containers and are absolutely perfect for diverse and amazing foreplay sessions.

Warm brings the heat, Tingle creates a stimulating buzz, and Intensify enhances every sensation. Each container is even packed with its own tasty flavor; includes Warm Mint, Tingle Strawberry, and Intensify Spicy Cinnamon. All flavors are delectably lickable.

Features: Kissable Foreplay Gels.
Three Delicious Flavors: Mint, Strawberry, and Spicy Cinnamon.