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Clitoral Vibrating Pump - Pink

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The Clitoral Vibrating Pump is placed over the clit. The pump is used to create a vacuum seal and the suction quickly brings increased blood flow to the area.

This Vibrating Clitoral Pump creates a more intense and sensitive clitoris. The hand pump allows easy control of the amount of pressure around the clit. Once the suction is intense enough, and the clit is sensitised, the pump can be turned on so it vibrates.

This vibration can be adjusted with a dial switch to control the intensity and pressure of the vibrations. Dial as much or as little vibrating stimulation as needed, and when the orgasm hits, there is a quick-release button that will free the clitoris from the pump's suction.

Product details :
Material:ABS, Plastic
Features:Phthalates Free
Special Features:Batteries Included, Clit Stimulator, Quick Release Valve, Suction Cup, Vibrating Bullet