Peaches and Cream

Move Over Peaches and Cream NZ

There’s a new kid in town!

As a Kiwi, you’ve no doubt heard of Peaches and Cream, the store many consider to be the O.G’s of adult toys and merch in New Zealand. They’re responsible for introducing top brands like We-Vibe, LELO, Fleshlight, JO lubricants and lingerie to the island of NZ.

But the beauty of modern shopping means you have more choice than ever. Sex toys are no exception. And with more businesses moving online, you can get better prices, more privacy and a wider range of goods at the click of a mouse.

That’s where we come in.

We provide everything Peaches and Cream offer, and more. And because we’re 100% online-based, we have more time and resources to focus on providing top-tier products, service, and sex-positive information to elevate your sex life to new heights.

The GetSexToys NZ difference

Craving some shiny new sex toys? Looking to add some extra flavor to the bedroom and spice up your love life?

There’s nothing wrong with feeling good. We all deserve extra pleasure, and in a world that’s becoming seemingly more sexually suppressed, this is more important than ever.

At, we understand the importance of enhancing sexual satisfaction for physical and mental stimulation. It’s why we stock the latest and greatest toys for men, women, and couples who deserve more.

So what’s the difference between us and our competitors?

We understand that adult toys are more than just devices for lonely men and women. And we weave these philosophies into everything we do. Philosophies like:

  • Sex toys should make “real” sex more fun. You can enhance your current relationship and take the pressure to perform off each other.
  • Sex toys and masturbation aren’t the same.
  • Having a sexual partner doesn’t mean they’re always available for sex on demand. These times call for self-service.
  • Real sex can be time-consuming. Sometimes you need a quick fix to get on with your busy day.
  • Some people (especially women) find it difficult to orgasm during sex.
  • Most people don’t need sex toys. But, they’re pretty damn amazing.

It’s for these reasons our warehouses are bursting at the seams with the largest selection of strap ons, fleshlights, dildos, and vibrators NZ has to offer. We deliver discreetly and speedily, so you can turn up the heat with complete peace of mind.

The best online adult store in NZ

The world is changing, and that includes the way we choose to shop. You could walk into an Auckland sex shop in broad daylight, but we know this isn’t always ideal. You might like to maintain a low profile, keeping your sexual preferences to yourself rather than the talk of the town.

That’s why we focus solely on creating a valuable, immersive, private online experience at

Our packaging is discreet, with no signs of branding. Your toys arrive lightning fast (between 1 -3 days). Billing never mentions our site, and credit card details are never stored.

Plus, we’ve got the best no-nonsense advice on all things pleasure over at our Sex Toy Blog – your one-stop shop for sex-positive information.

Get Sex Toys NZ is where pleasure and passion meet, and the last place you’ll need to look for the finest adult goods. Check out our best sellers here and ignite your sex life once again.