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Sex Culture & Cinder NZ

Sex is not a sin.

In fact, most cultures embrace it and speak openly about it. You can see it in Japan when you come across 5-story sex shops dotted around every city. They may not have a lot of sex due to long working hours, but that’s why the stores exist.

According to studies, Nigeria and Mexico are said to have more exciting sex than the rest of the world.

And of course, even ancient Maori culture viewed sex as something to be embraced, building statues adorned with visible penises and chiefs often having multiple wives.

Yet, there’s something oddly sexually suppressed about modern western cultures. Either way, we see the tides of shame slowly changing, and with people becoming more open about their sexual preferences, a bright future where sex toys can be proudly displayed alongside your cabinet ornaments and badminton awards await.

Well, we can dream.

If you’re looking for adult toys, there’s no shortage to choose from in New Zealand. But when picking one, you need to consider if the brand and products are the right fit for you to get intimate with.

Are their toys high-quality? Is shipping fast and discreet? Will their promises live up to the hype?

These are important questions to ask. And one such brand to consider in your quest for pleasure is Cinder NZ.

Cinder NZ Adult Toys

100% New Zealand run and owned, Cinder stock a decent range of sex toys to experiment with on lonely nights or when you and your partner are feeling frisky. You’ll find vibrators of all sorts, life-like dildos, a range of lingerie and even penis pumps for men.

But a unique selling point of Cinder NZ is their free shipping and same day dispatch. They also run sales on quite a regular basis, so there’s a good chance of bagging a bargain on your next toy.

Overall, they’re a solid brand that promises to go above and beyond expectations to make sure you have a smooth shopping experience on their site.

But what we like most about Cinder is their commitment to sex-positivity and sharing valuable information with the community through their content.

They too believe that sex should be embraced and talked about openly. They also believe in a future where we can showcase our fetishes and toys with pride.

So thanks, Cinder NZ, for spreading a message of excitement and passion with Kiwis and the world.

Put The Spark Back in your Sex Life

At GetSexToys, we’re also on a mission to spread positivity and help crank up the pleasure during your moments in the bedroom.

It’s why we offer:

  • The best prices on sex toys in New Zealand
  • Secure, speedy and discreet shipping to protect your privacy
  • A colossal range of toys to suit your fetish and needs
  • An online experience that’s easy on the eyes
  • Articles and sex advice to help you elevate your time in the bedroom

All so you can get excited about a future of sexual openness and a present of immense pleasure.