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Shiver me timbers! There’s nothing quite like vibrating panties & thongs. Whether they’re worn in the privacy of your own home or under respectable clothing in public, this special lingerie will never cause a bunch up or get in a twist. They’ll always put you in a good mood. They make a great little gift for your little wench. You can choose from a pad that vibrates, a panty with a built-in bullet vibrator pocket, and yes it can be removed for washing, and other types of panties with differing speeds of vibration. Thong or traditional panty available.

Does your little she-devil have her knickers in a knot? Sounds like she can use a set of vibrating panties. Be master of her domain and carry the remote and change the settings at will. If you’re a Dom/sub couple, there’s no better way to play then using these panties during your play sessions. Make Mr. Grey look like a tamed puppy while making your sub weak in the knees.

Never leave home without them. It can take your dull date night far from mundane and turn it into an erotic and bawdy night. The next time you have a night out and about town, have her wear them and make a game of it, every time she’s naughty you turn on the vibrator; imagine her squirming through dinner trying to act casual. You can also assign a forbidden word, and every time she says it turn it on, make it a common and popular word because you are going to want her to say it. You can get creative and set some ground rules, rules you know she won’t follow, and every time she breaks them you turn up the settings. You just may find yourselves rushing home to get them off and get it on.

Ladies, why not be a naughty sexetary and take your panties to work, we dare you just try it once. How incredibly wicked and worked up you’ll get with this no-no in your uh-oh. You can grab a quickie during lunch, a private moment in your car, or a dark corner during break can really make all the difference and really de-stress before putting your nose back to the grindstone again. A little social deviance is good for the soul and really good for your sexual health. You’ll definitely be more relaxed, and with that knowing smirk on your face your co-workers will wonder what you’ve been up to, or who you’ve been up to. What better way to get back at your task master of a boss than by letting off some steam, so give casual Friday a whole new meaning.

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