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If you find yourself lonely at the most inopportune time, you can still have a night of pleasure and reach your peak solo or not. Our NZ sex toys catalog of vibrators is vast for your varying desires. If you prefer a realistic dildo we’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking for the classics or wanting to upgrade to the deluxe or anything in between, our stock will fit all your needs, we don’t disappoint.

There are times when a vibrator is just the thing after a long crazy week, just pour a glass of wine, light some candles and spend some quality alone time. You may want to have more than one kind of vibrator for those special nights too. Rabbit vibrators come equipped to double your pleasure, you can hit the g-spot and stimulate your clitoris so finding your “O” will be oh so nice.

If you need to relax in a hot shower or soak in the tub, buy a waterproof vibrator to expand your playground. The great thing about vibrators is that reaching your peak isn’t ever an issue with this electric buddy; they’re done when you say they’re done. They’re also available anytime, anywhere and always in the mood to please. If you invest in more than one kind, you’ll have all bases covered and you’ll never find yourself in a rut.

A butterfly kiss is so sweet, don’t forget to pick up an extra special vibrator designed for your sweet spot and your g-spot. Our selection varies so you may find yourself buying more than one. They make a perfect addition to toy collection and can be used solo or with your other vibrating friends. You can even use them with a partner to make foreplay a bit more sensational.

As a couple you can turn a dull night out into something sensual and daring. If she wears vibrating panties for the evening and he gets the remote control settings, there are all kinds of fun to be had. You both can get oh so naughty anywhere at anytime. You can tease her by using the different settings, start out slow with a whisper soft purr and work her up to a moaning buzz. You both can have fun taking it outside of the bedroom for a day wearing them in a public setting. Take her by surprise by turning them on not-so-unsuspectingly, whether you are at the movies, a dinner party or having a drink at a club. You may find yourself leaving early to get home in a hurry.

Getting to the finishing line together is just so much more fun. Browse our couples vibrators and spice up the night. There are special designs that will please both partners at the same time. Mini-kits and waterproof available.

Don’t be caught with dead toys, make sure you order a spare set of batteries. No girl wants to be disappointed in the middle of hitting her peak only to have the batteries go dead in the middle of playtime.

Keep the creepy mail man from giving you the eye. We protect your purchases by packaging them discreetly. With 24/7 shopping online you can buy your toys from the comfort of your home and take your own sweet time browsing our store.