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Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? Pockets have many uses and purposes, but a pussy in a pocket is something like heaven on earth for male masturbation.

No matter your sexual orientation we’ve got the right sex toys for your special gender needs. Like anal play? We’ve got dildos designed especially with men in mind and the lube formulated to go with it. If you’re wondering, yes there is custom made lube created just for anal play, it makes it safer and more comfortable. The delicate tissues need lubrication that will last and won’t dissipate, it kinda ruins the mood when one has to keep reapplying lube often when using traditional lubrication.

Pocket pussies that have been molded after famous porn star pussies’ give fans an up close and personal one on one with their fans. Now you can watch your favorite starlet perform on screen while you enjoy her pussy, after all she so willingly spread her legs to have her vaginal (and anal) replica made for her adoring fans. You wouldn’t want to disappoint her, would you?

Our pocket pussies come in different styles, you can buy a portable hand job or invest in a larger version in your favorite position; whether that’s on all fours or legs up over her head, different positions come with different sensations. Pocket pussies are not just for vaginal fantasies, despite the name, you can have your choice of different anal designs in the form of sleeves or a model ass to grab onto while she takes it in the rear. You can even smack that ass while you’re givin’ it to her. We even have a unique titty fucking masturbator for those that love that very special locale.

Glow in the dark pussies give your self pleasing romping sessions illumination on lonely nights. If you have a kinky alien fantasy, this little green girl will give your desires a life-like experience. Kirk out, or in this case, Kirk in. If you like to boldly go where no man has gone before then what better way than a horny, glowing green pussy? And they say Earth girls are easy.

If you’d like to upscale your blow job from a oral masturbator to a mannequin you can get a real as life blow job with this life-size doll’s head. Its base comes with a suction cup that will stick to any hard surface so you can grab her hair while you force your hard cock into her deep throat and enjoy uninterrupted oral sex without having to slow down or pull out. This little girl doesn’t whine or complain, she gladly takes it as hard and as fast as you’re willing to give it, and as an added bonus she’ll always swallow.

Do not forget the special lube; buy two so you’re always prepared and ready for action. By purchasing lube that’s been formulated just for toys, you can protect your initial investment and ensure it will last and be durable for the nights to come.

Are you a shy guy? Do you hate going to your local sex shop to purchase your male sex toys? You can buy all your kink products and adult toys from the comfort of your bachelor crib without having to creep downtown. We ship your purchases in discreet packaging and send it from the warehouse straight to your door with speed and the agility of ninjas. Just kidding it’s still delivered by your local courier, but the contents within are cloaked so no one can detect its true nature, so no one but you will know what secrets lie hidden inside.