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Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for some sexy gifts for your partner, you’ll enjoy the selection of male sex toys. What?! You thought only ladies and naughty sexy single girls had sex toys? Shame on you, we believe in equal opportunity, and that means equal bedroom pleasure. The only battle of the sexes going on here is in our BDSM section where passionate oral debates get just as hot and heavy and biting words are accompanied with biting whips. Viva la difference!

Most are under the impression that the only sex toys for men are blow up dolls. Oh, how wrong they are and what fun they’re missing out on. A healthy exploration of sexual pleasure is like a daily dose of vitamins, it does a body good. Just like geysers, the male’s member needs to have his steam blown off and blown away and sometimes blown up. Keeping it built up just isn’t healthy. A Fleshlight will do the job nicely; it’ll blow your mind. You can choose from a warm, wet and willing pussy, or sweet lips that go deep throat, you’ll never hear a complaint or gag pass these lips. You can also hit dat ass too, she’s all about the back door and this door isn’t an exit only. Your choice between a pocket fleshlight or upgrade to a tush-push sweet cheeked little girl who has a smackable ass, you can enjoy her pussy and her ass.

Male masturbators cum, I mean come, in a range of shapes and sizes. Browse this selection for pocket pussies, pocket anal or portable blow jobs for on-go. Some are just sleeves, and some have differing life-like replicas, a mouth, a pussy, a butt hole, some with legs over head she’s so excited for you to give it to her. There’s also a unique titty-fuck, it lets you enjoy the sensation of your dick fucking her plump and perky titties and you can cum all over them without any complaints. Add to your experience with ones that vibrate, something you won’t experience from the real life version, it’s always willing, always ready and always horny for your cock and only your cock. Don’t forget the lube and have extra on hand.

Pick up a pussy that not only vibrates, but has settings so you can pump up the volume. This looks-and-feels like the real thing has a handy remote, giving you easy control at your finger tips so you don’t have to fiddle with knobs during your heightened moments. Also check out a suck stroker or a stimulating sleeve that vibrates.

Men’s toys are not all fun and no work, they’re just mostly all fun but they do work, ED is more common than you think and there’s a few toys that can help your little friend keep up with your passions and moods. Try the lasso erection keeper it’ll help get you up and keep you up, it’s available in differing colors. If you’re interested in going up a size we have the world’s best and leading penis enlargement kits from Bathmate to increase you and your partner’s pleasure.

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