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A healthy mind is a dirty mind and a dirty mind is healthy to the body and spirit. Sexual health helps your over all health and a healthy sex life can reduce stress, decrease blood pressure, burn calories and gives you ladies glowing skin by increasing overall circulation. Make it part of your complete holistic health by engaging in sexual romping sessions at least a few times a week. So stay healthy by keeping it wrapped up, especially if you engage in risky sex e.g. one-nighters. We’ve all had to do the walk of shame at some point in our sexual history, so being prepared as a young and sexually active person can save embarrassing trips to the clinic in the future. That’s your PSA for the day, keep it covered.

Since you’re already here and ordering some lovely adult toys, why not pick up some condoms online too? It’s coming from the same warehouse so the only extra handling is between your sheets. While you’re at it pick up special lube that will ensure your cock-socks stay intact and your member isn’t rubbed raw, rubber burn is no bueno! We also carry arousal gel and sexual aids like flavored creams, powders and feather ticklers. Pick up a sampler pack and enjoy the all you can eat buffet.

By the way, you don’t have to be male to buy condoms; ladies keep your eggs unfertilised and sunny side up. As the saying goes “It’s easier to prevent a baby then raise a baby.” Whether it’s a fertilised egg you’re trying to prevent or reduce the risk of STDs for those sexual encounters or one-nighters you like to have on occasion, wrap it up before you saddle up cowgirl.

Condoms aren’t just all about protection you know, they do come with multifunctional purposes, like a kinky swiss knife it defends, protects and pleases. You can buy specially designed condoms that please her or him, designer condoms who wouldn’t love that?! Our selection includes anal condoms, warming, cooling, flavored, water or silicone based and female condoms. We also have ultra-thin for those that hate the feel of latex stockings on their dicks, but need the coverage, like a good health insurance policy.

Make sure the only dick is in your pants. Look, don’t get cocky with your cock, if you’re a regular then buy your size, otherwise you’re putting your health at risk and guaranteeing you’ll be paying out child support for the next 18 years if your cock isn’t properly covered. If it concerns you that much that you are buying small and not a large, then check out the Bathmate NZ male enhancement section, until then accuracy scores higher than the ego.

*As bonus here’s a secret bro-tip that other dudes won’t divulge, just buy two boxes one extra large and one that’s your size, toss the smaller condoms in the extra large box and throw the rest away, you’re welcome 😉

All of your adult purchases are shipped and packaged discreetly to ensure your privacy is equally protected as your cock. You can enjoy the privacy and comfort of shopping online from the safety of your man cave or bachelorette pad. We ship quickly and speedily so you can start enjoying your kink as soon as possible.