Ben Wa Balls

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Ben Wa Balls sound an awful lot like a punch line from a funny teenage movie. That’s probably because they often are; however, Ben Wa Balls are not only a punch line and device for sexual stimulation. Ben Wa Balls can also serve a medical purpose by helping women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. This can heighten the sexual experience and improve bladder control.

Ben Wa Balls are actually pretty ancient, but if anything, that lends to their credibility. They must be good if they’ve stood the test of time, right? Ben Wa Balls are small, metal balls that are inserted into the vagina to gradually stimulate the area. They are so discreet that the more adventurous type of woman might even experiment with wearing the balls out in public!

Shoving an object up your intimate area and leaving it there might not sound like every woman’s cup of tea, but it is actually quite safe. Ben Wa Balls often come attached to a string that allows for easy location and removal for your piece of mind. Even the regular models are quite easy to remove and will often fall out with a good cough.

However, they are not without safety considerations. Ben Wa Balls should only be used for their intended vaginal purpose. They are not safe for anal play as they are not flared to prevent them from becoming lodged too far up the rectum. Please look into butt plugs or anal beads if you are interested in anal stimulation.

Metal and glass designs are both available and you might like to experiment with different weights and sizes, especially as you get used to using them. Larger balls are recommended for beginners because they are easier to hold in than smaller balls. Vibrating Ben Wa Balls are available but the quality of such products can be dubious and they are not recommended therapeutically or for long periods of time.

If you’re using your Ben Wa Balls for health reasons, as well as erotic ones, then you’ll want to start out slow and work your way up. Try inserting the balls and performing Kegel exercises for just a few minutes each day until you feel comfortable increasing the time. With proper usage many women experience a tighter canal during intercourse and even regain proper function of their bladder muscles.

As with any product that you’re planning on inserting into your body, Ben Wa Balls should be maintained and cleaned after use. An antibacterial spray for sex toys is a good investment if you want to be able to wipe them over and pop them back away as quickly as possible after a session.

So there you have it: A basic guide to your new friend Ben Wa. The name might sound a little bit fancy but in reality the accessory is very simple. They are easy to use and arousing while also being good for your health; that’s everything you could possibly want from a sex toy!

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