Prostate Massagers

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A man’s g-spot is his p-spot, the prostate and perineum. These erogenous zones can be massaged and stimulated to raise a man’s orgasms to an all new level of high. Prostate massagers encourage healthy orgasms and studies have shown that keeping your erotic zones pleased and satisfied can reduce health risks, i.e. prostate cancer. Okay, that’s all the public service announcement you’ll get: The more you know.

Powered by machine or man, you can have your choice of vibrating, to send shivers up and down your spine and other erotic parts of your body. And non-vibrating, for those that like their toys man-powered. We have several prostate massagers that will fit your particular taste, need, desire and want. Speaking of power, while batteries may be included, you’ll want to pick up some extras before finishing your order. It gives a whole knew meaning to a back-up plan.

Dr Joel has put a lot of man hours into researching the best and safest ways to help ED. He’s also won loads of accolades for his tireless and valuable research for men’s unique sexual health. So it goes without saying, Dr Joel knows his stuff and he’s put his stamp of approval on this versatile prostate stimulator, it has 10 powerful functions that take you, or your partner, from quiver to palpitate and begging for more. For different stimuli, try his endorsed probe with 3 easy push button speeds that pack power behind their vibe. Hey, if a doctor endorsed it shouldn’t it be considered a health aid? We think so.

Rocks Off have a nice selection of prostate massagers to choose from with different sizes and designs so you are sure to find a favorite. Hey Big Boy, new in town, wanna ride? This big fella has been designed to please all you big boys who like big toys. The 3 lumpy-bumps that are more like balls give a thrill, to say the least. If size matters, buy the Big Boy. If you’re not into having a big fat one up the jacksie, or you’re just not ready yet and you prefer something slimming, Naughty Boy is for you, it has a slight bulge to help it stay put. It still has 7 wonderful vibrational settings that will take you from a whisper soft moan to shouts of glory, oh god! Mmmm, daddy likey, and there’s still the Cheeky Boy, Butt Boy and Rude Boy, so take your pick. The Butt Quiver also makes a nice little addition to your teaser toys, just sayin’.

Clean up is a snap! All of our massagers are super easy to wash without any complicated accessories that make clean-up a nuisance. Most can be washed with simple hot water and mild soap, but always check the manufacture’s directions, there may be a special cleaner that’s gentler on the sensitive materials that won’t them down.

You’ll feel confident and comfortable shopping online with us, we’re the biggest NZ sex shop with the widest selection you won’t see in any adult shop you have in your neighborhood. We aim to misbehave, but only between the sheets, our customer service, on the other hand is quite obliging. Our prices are competitive; we love a good sale plus we ship fast, having a fully stocked warehouse has its benefits after all. All of our packing is discreet so no one will know what kind of naughty, kinky toys you’ve ordered for yourself (or your partner) except you and the dude we pay to pack your purchases.