Anal Stimulators

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For stimulating fun, we have an excellent array of anal stimulators for backdoor fantasies. If you appreciate a good piece of ass, browse our selection for all things anal. Our sextoys NZ catalogue has everything from prostate pleasers to anal teasers. It doesn’t matter if you’re what team you play for – straight or gay, we have it all, for all.

Do you need to train your backdoor? If your virgin ass is nervous about jumping in head first, you can pick up an anal starter kit, just relax and let loose. It comes with all the accouterments to ensure your first time will be memorable, painless and exciting. Anal Fantasy has a starter kit that comes with anal moist, desensitizing cream, silicone anal lube, finger sleeves, and gloves. Anal Fantasy has a deluxe collection kit so you can pick up several kinds of toys and anal stimulators for one low price. In their collection box you will find anal beads, a prostate vibe, anal balls, an anal plug with suction cup and a tushy teazer, all the gear to make even the most gun-shy wet with anticipation.

If you would much rather get a buzz, we have several vibrating stimulators to choose from, ones that massage your male g-spot or p-spot, plugs, eggs, or probes. The Electrastim Anu-Start knows no gender assignments, this little hummer is uni-sex and isn’t sexist. Boy. Girl. Doesn’t matter. It’s built for both, equal opportunity yo’.

Double, double toil and trouble, this will kick up a fire in your cauldron; the Anal Fantasy’s double trouble strap-on, because two heads are better than one! This strap-on gives a man a second cock for double penetration, now you can give it to her twice as nice. No more heads or tails, you can not only double her pleasure, but double her orgasm. A word to the wise, you’ll want to add our special anal lube to your cart for this one, standard female lubricate doesn’t cut it with anal intercourse, you will want the thicker textured lube to ensure safe and comfortable anal play.

Some one has been very naughty, tisk-tisk. If you love teasing your partner and making them beg for it, the Tushy Teazer is just the right toy to tease your boy. You can get two in this packaged deal, ribbed and nodules. The best part? Go slow and work your partner up into a frenzy, if you get too eager too soon, it might hurt, so slow and steady it’s the best way to go. This pair works best with a partner, going solo might prove challenging, but hey, if you’re up to it…

Before heading for the check out, don’t forget to pick up our special anal lube. Some are formulated just for anal play and or intercourse (make sure you get the right one). You can also grab our special adult toy cleaner to help keep your toys lasting years longer.

All of our products are shipped to you in discreet packaging, no names or “adult” business labels will give away where your purchase came from. So, relax and shop with confidence and privacy from your crib any day, any time. We ship directly from the warehouse so you will get your toys much quicker, no need to delay gratification that’s your partner’s job.