Anal Lubricant

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Whether you like anal play or your partner does or maybe both of you, you lucky dog you! Then having the right anal lubricant can make all the difference in the world. Not only does this specially formulated personal lubricant make entry easier and more pleasurable it also helps reduce any injury when things get hot and heavy. The delicate tissue in your anus doesn’t secrete its own natural lube like a vagina does, so getting the proper kind of lube is essential for safe and pleasurable anal intercourse and play.

If you need a little help to loosen up or it’s your first time and you are new to anal play, Pjur’s relaxing glide will allow your anus to relax without any numbing side effects and the jojoba will keep your delicate skin soft and subtle, which is great for the skin and tissue. This lubricant is silicone based for added thickness so you don’t have to worry about reapplying often. Nothing can kill the mood more than by having to stop, drop and apply, often.

If you need some special lubricant for anal intercourse, look no further than Pjur’s Power Cream. This unique lube leaves a creamy soft texture that’s preferred by the all men’s team. This creme de la creme is the number one go to lube for anal sex. Since it comes in wide mouth jar, you can control the amount you need better and have easier access if you’re using one hand. Keep your jar of creamy lube ajar for quick easy accessibility. Too bad it’s for anal only, I’m sure the ladies would swoon over its softness, no other lube on the market is as smooth and silky, jealous much ladies? I would be. You can also try Backdoor’s special lubricants designed for anal intercourse that favours the very specific needs of men.

If you find that you prefer one kind over another, pay attention to the label’s contents, some are water-based, silicone based or have special additives. Once you find your preferred type, buy two so you never run out of your favourites. Spray it on, slap it on, how ever you like to apply, we have a variety of different jars, tubes and cans.

Going to local NZ sex shops can be a slippery-slope, some may be at the dodgy side of town, and you may need to push through the creeps to get in. Shopping online means no crowds, lines, traffic or embarrassment. You purchase whatever fetish desire product you want and enjoy the anonymity of being an online purchaser.

We protect your privacy by shipping your packages to you without our company name or any indication that there are adult products with its wrapping. Since we ship from warehouse to your house, you’ll get your grove on faster, no delays; one of the many benefits of shopping online. Is there anything better than browsing your favourite kink toys from the comfort of boudoir? We don’t think so, that’s why we work hard to keep a wide variety and fully stocked warehouse of all your favourite things.