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Give your tush a royal flush. Whether you prefer a good cleaning before sex, after sex or before and after sex, we have your aft covered. We carry plenty of products to choose from to keep your asses clean and ready for action. We know you like to pump that rump, so we keep a good selection of Anal Douche & Enema products so you can get squeaky clean before you slap auntie fanny with a big one.

Do you feel the need for speed? Hold on to your seat! This maverick will give your tail a tsunami like cleaning with a swift and nimble enema. Ergo Speed douche, will let you clean up in a hurry. Now you can take care of business with the speed and agility of rabbit. Or maybe you want something with a little more power? COLT’s The Guyser anal douche, for those that need, or want, a good strong gusher to cum clean. This powerful gale force will satisfy even the pickiest of posteriors.

Just looking for a quickie? For an easy to clean up and quick job, Anal Fantasy has an enema kit with an narrow shaft that makes entry painless and accessible, its bulb makes controlling the flow of liquid easy to control. Just softly squeeze the bulb for a gentle wash or harder for a butt lode, no matter your need for the moment, this little toy will do the job right. It can be used as an enema or anal & vaginal douche. We recommend you use for one or the other, not both, it’s better to be safe and with our low prices picking up two won’t break you, or your wallet.

If you’re a two for one pleasure kinda guy, you’ll love our Beaded Pleasure douche/enema, it’s shaped to clean and give pleasure for all you multipurpose lovers out there. Water play for you water babies. There’s also a gentler version, this docile douche sprays affably and can be used for anal or vaginal.

You can take your kink show on the road, with this handy travel kit; you can conveniently take this surgical-grade with fittings douche, on the fly where ever you go. It comes with a discreet bag; keep one in your luggage so it won’t get left behind.

Clean it out before you put out. With Love Lust Butt douche kit, you get two adapters for twice the pleasure; each one has a different sensation so you can switch things up. Good clean fun’s never been so dirty, Fetish Fantasy Deluxe douche set for pleasurable douching, try different temperatures and get different sensations. If you’ve got a dirty job to do, make it nasty good fun.

There’s no need to leave the comfort and safety of your home, you can shop online from the privacy of your castle, and you can sit on your throne and browse our sex shop nz catalogue for sweet treats for your royal ass. We pack up all our adult products with nondescript packaging to ensure your kink is delivered without any fanfare; the only way we could get more secretive is if we hired assassin-skilled ninjas to climb into your bedrooms in the dead of night. But, we’re pretty sure you’d be just as happy with plain packaged deliveries.