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Some ladies like diamonds and others like pearls, but not the ones that come from oysters. Anal beads are like precious gems to those that like their backdoor well taken care of and desire a special kind of attention. Anal beads enhance your orgasm. Enjoy the pleasurable sensation of popping one ball in at a time; anal balls give a unique sensation of pressure and pleasure in all the right spots. Just before you reach your organism you pull them out, thus enhancing your orgasm. If you’ve never tried these pearls of pleasure, we have kits that are safe for beginners; you can deflower your derrière softly, gently and carefully then graduate to more advanced sets.

Take your anal play outside the bedroom with a water proof bullet that’s designed for anal play, it’s a perfect toy for those that like to get wet-n-wild. With the easy to use remote, it makes operating it a snap. The settings go from a gentle hum to a more throbbing tremor that will leave you weak in the knees. For the more advanced and experienced couples, you can upgrade to our Falcon Balls, they come in sizes that start from small and work their way up to medium and large with different colours to suite your tastes. For those select few, there’s a Mega Booty Beads water proof for water play plus they vibrate for an extra pleasurable sensation, from the first bead down to the tip.

Most of our anal beads are uni-sex, but there are few that are designed with the ladies in mind. Mood has a special model with clitoris stimulation so the ladies can enjoy the duel purpose of this vibrating tool. Get one in your favorite colour. If you’re looking for a different sensation, peruse our selection of bead shapes, from round, oval, egg or tear. Find a gradual difference by degree in size or uniform and equally the same size, plus designs that have smaller beads between larger ones, for a very distinct and pleasurable experience. They all give a different sensation. Pick up more than one to see what your favourite is, or to add to your collection; you’ll be glad you bought more than one. Make sure to explore the different sizes and designs.

Don’t forget the anal lube and toy cleaner. We carry special formulated lube that’s been developed specially for anal play and anal toys. Be good little boys and girls and keep your toys clean and tidy, playing with unsanitary toys can cause infections so practice safe sex by keeping it clean. Pick up our special cleaner that’s formulated just for adult toys and the special materials they’re made with. It’ll keep your toys lasting for years, after all they’re not just toys; they are investments in your sexual health.

Keep your anal gems and any other kind of adult toy protected from prying eyes. By shopping online from the privacy of your own home you can keep your purchases top-secret. We ship our products direct from our Sex Toys New Zealand warehouse to your front door with speed. Your packages will arrive discreetly, without our company name on the shipping label; no one will know what naughtiness lies inside.