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Are you looking to add on to your anal toy collection? We have a few different products you will have fun experimenting with. If you’re all about cheeky good fun, anal bullets, anal eggs and anal balls all offer a different experience to your backdoor fantasies. Whether you prefer your playful romping sessions to be all in the rear, heads or tails, front or back, you’re sure to relish our unique anal toys. We make sure our sextoys are durable and made to last. Think of them as your assets for sexual investments, they pay high dividends for the years to come.

We carry vibrating balls and several to choose from with different sizes and the number of balls, from 2 to 4. If you’re new to the experience and dying to be more daring with your anal play, we have starter sets you can begin with. Our elite sets vibrate for added sensations. Just slip in the anal balls and enjoy the vibrating sensations that sense your body’s movements and, just before climax use the retrieval cored to withdraw the balls for a more powerful orgasm.

We like our eggs like we like our asses, over easy and sunny side up. If you like butt plugs, try anal eggs for a different sensation. This anal toy is tapered at the tip and wider at the end for comfortable and easy entry; it also has a stopper so pulling out, or pushing, won’t be an issue. Use alone or with a friend. Ladies, if you like a double pounding, try the egg for a different sensation in place of an anal dildo.

Colt waterproof power bullet is power-packed and comes with a remote control for easier setting adjustments. You can even hand over the remote to your partner and really build things up for sexual anticipation. With 4 speeds to enjoy, this bullet also comes with an added waterproof protection coating so you can take your new favorite toy in the shower for wet-n-wild escapades.

If you’re looking for something like anal beads but slightly different, try our Falcon balls. We carry different sizes from small, perfect for the novice of entrée derrière, to a larger size for the practiced hand, or ass in this case. They’re made of stern stuff, so they won’t be wearing down anytime soon, plus they clean-up easy with mild soap and hot water.

Not sure you want to step over to the dark side? No worries, if it’s your first time and you’re really not sure you’ll like it, though we’re pretty sure you will, we have some beginner’s balls that are just the right size for sweet little innocent heinie virgins, just make sure to dress the part, it’ll be more fun, trust us. Love balls duo are as soft as velvet, perfect for first-timers and come in pink or purple.

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of shopping for Anal Balls, Eggs & Bullets online from the privacy of your own home. All of your purchases will be shipped in discreet packaging and are sent directly from our NZ warehouse to su casa. We don’t take our sweet ass time getting your toys shipped to you either, we know the only delayed gratification you should experience is in your boudoir. Oh-la-la.