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Wet Stuff New Zealand

Long-lasting quality Australian lubricants including Wet Stuff Naturally, Wet Stuff Gold, Wet Stuff Lite, Wet Stuff peppermint Tingle, Wet Stuff Secrets, Wet Stuff Silicone Bodyglide, Wet Stuff Plus, Slippery Stuff and Lubricant Capsules. Wet Stuff Naturally is the first lubricant to be carbon neutral cradle to grave.

Don't forget the lube! Wet Stuff lubricant has all your lube bases covered, whether you need or prefer silicone-based lube or water-based lube. Do you prefer thicker long lasting lube, or a lighter lube that requires no clean-up? The Wet Stuff creators have formulated multiple varieties to fit most of your needs, for the sensitive types you can enjoy Wet Stuff's aloe vera balance gel, it's a favorite for the picky pussies that prefer lighter lube for their delicate needs. For the health conscious try Wet Stuff Vitamin E, give yourself a shot of supplements to keep it healthy.

Do you need a lube that'll go the distance? Wet Stuff Gold is formulated to last longer, it's also designed to warm up on skin contact for extra pleasure sensations, maybe that's why it's the #1 seller of personal lubricants. Its silky texture is pleasing to both her and him and there's no need to interrupt a hot moment to re-lube, this particular lube is made to last as long as you can, making it Wet Stuff's best seller. It's also available in a larger bottle with a pump dispenser for easier and quicker application.

Double the pleasure with flavored lubes. Wet Stuff has a strawberry flavored lube that's water-based and warms up to the touch. She can enjoy the warming sensations will he enjoys strawberry fields (perhaps they felt cherry flavored is too cliché?). Other flavor choices include banana and the pleasantly tingling peppermint. Buy all three so you can mix it up on different nights for variety.

Besides flavored lubes Wet Stuff carries specialised lubes made to work well with condoms, you can be confidant that your lubes won't jeopardize your defenses leaving you both compromised, making safe sex even safer. Condoms normally are pre-lubed but not always with the most optimum amount needed; now you can meet your lube needs safely.

For the adventurous sexy minks that like to take their show on the road, Wet Stuff has put together on-the-go packets and towelettes for out-of-the-bedroom adventures. Lube sachets enable you to discreetly be prepared for anything, anywhere. Bring along the towelettes for quick and easy cleanup when you're away from home.

Not all lubes and textures are the same, some are thicker, and some are light, and then there are the creams. The creme de la creme of lubes is Secrets. This amazing cream lube has a soft texture that will meld into your delicate areas without leaving a sticky residue. It's perfect for quickies, for those that hate traditional lubes and bonus, it can be used for vaginal or anal sex so it's body-safe.

Keep your neighbor's noses in their own business. Our packages come to you with privacy in mind. Our sextoy NZ products are delivered fast and discreetly, and looking nondescript. If you shop in adult chain stores, you'll be walking out with your shopping bag as a small billboard, which is great for the brave laissez-faire, but for the shy ones that covet their privacy, it's like a target on the back. Whether you are brave and bold or shy and discreet, you can shop with confidence and comfort from the privacy of your home and enjoy fast delivery with your privacy intact.