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We-Vibe New Zealand

We-Vibe® has dedicated itself to transforming the lives of couples in relationships by helping them increase intimacy and sexual satisfaction through the sharing of greater fun and pleasure. That dedication to innovation has resulted in the development of the We-Vibe®, the world's number #1 vibrator for couples. Used by over 2 million people, the We-Vibe® is on every continent and in over 50 countries, available through thousands of chemists, luxury boutiques and adult stores.

Do you and your partner need some extra spicing up in the bedroom area? Every couple's sex life gets stuck in a rut from time to time, and needs a little help to get things exciting and lively once more. Using a We Vibe vibrator designed for couples is the perfect tool for duel pleasure, although you can use it solo too. We-Vibe has been the #1 go-to vibrator for increased his and her satisfaction.

We-Vibe has an excellent reputation and is often recommended by leading doctors, sex gurus and health professionals and experts as a great tool to use as a couple for equal pleasure, increased desire, enhanced satisfaction and intenser orgasms. We-Vibes unique vibrator will stimulate her G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, and with its slender design allows his penetration so both can enjoy the vibrations and intensify their orgasms.

The We Vibe 4 has been redesigned and improved for comfort, and added advanced features like, rechargeable batteries keep your toy charged and ready without the worry of stocking up on batteries or running out at the most inopportune time. With its multiple speeds and vibration settings, your foreplay can go from lukewarm to hot and heavy as quickly or slowly as you wish. It's made with materials that are super soft and water-proof for maximum comfort, easy cleaning or taking your play-time to the showers without the worry of a shortage. The wireless remote will give him greater pleasure and increase sexual desire controlling the intensity and speed.

Try We-Vibes other toys like the We Vibe Tango or We Vibe Touch. The compact and slender Tango packs a punch and can be enjoyed alone or with a partner. The Touch is designed for multiple areas, not just downstairs. Massage away any aches or pains in your muscles from your shoulders to your calfs, you can melt away any stress of the day. Or you can enjoy its vibration settings for your nipples, G-spot or clitoris. The scoop shape is perfect for maximum clit pleasure or penetration for finding her G-spot. The tip is perfect for nipple stimulation or isolated massage area.

All the We Vibe vibrators are portable for travel and in case you've left behind an important part. We carry We Vibe adapters and replacement products so your pleasure investment won't be rendered useless if you've lost the remote or charging station.

By shopping online together from the privacy of your home, will give you both the freedom to find all your needs with discretion and solitude, no pushy sales person, or embarrassed looks from strangers outside the shop. Take your time and explore all our products with 24/7 convenience. Your package for We Vibe NZ and all Sex Toys NZ products are shipped to your home fast and packaged discreetly ensuring your privacy is secured and protected.