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Swiss Navy products are produced by M.D.Science Lab, who have been manufacturing lifestyle and wellness products since 1999. The company has proven to be extremely successful worldwide, releasing brand new sexual health and wellness products on a regular basis that have become bestsellers.

One of the company’s most popular products is the Swiss Navy Water-Based Lubricant. Available in a variety of sizes: 16oz, 8oz, 4oz, the travel size 2oz bottle, and the pocket size, Swiss Navy’s motto is ‘The Standard by Which All Others Will Be Judged’; and we can see why. Swiss Navy use the very best ingredients available which are blended into advanced formulas resulting in a lubricant that provides exceptional glide and slickness.

In addition to being long-lasting with a velvety feel, the lubricants are also expertly packaged; all bottles are leak-proof and feature a convenient single-hand, locking pump for easy, non-interruptive applications. If you are looking for a lube that provides extra lubrication and less friction, then Swiss Navy has got you covered.

A relatively new addition to the Swiss Navy range is the Swiss Navy 2 In 1 His and Hers Collection. This collection features some of the most popular, premium Swiss Navy lubricants and arousal gels alongside each other in a dual-actuator dispenser.

One of the most sought-after products in the His and Hers range is the 2-in-1 His and Hers Stimulating Gels for Couples. The 2-in-1 bottle contains a potent enhancing gel for him, and a highly stimulating arousal gel for her, both conveniently packaged with their own pump dispenser. The pack contains 25ml of each gel.

The ‘His’ formula is a unique blend of herbal extracts that is designed to increase stamina and overall performance whilst maximizing pleasure, whilst the ‘Hers’ formula is a comprehensive herbal gel that increases sexual arousal by producing a warming/cooling, tingling sensation.

If you are in the market for a male enhancement formula that is safe to use, clinically proven to work, and has no nasty side effects then check out the Swiss Navy Max Size Cream.

Max Size Cream is a male enhancement topical formula that provides a unique transdermal delivery system for quick absorption and immediate results. Max Size Cream is the only topical male enhancement product that contains Butea Superba; a well-documented and patented natural PDE-5 inhibitor which helps to essentially lock-in the enzyme responsible for enhancing the erectile response. This natural herb is only just available in the US after many years of research in Thailand

Max Size Cream is a natural male enhancement product that is proven to significantly dilate blood vessels and capillaries. In clinical trials users reported increased sexual stamina and male enhancement without any side effects, and they described a distinct sensation of pleasure and enhancement within moments of applying the product.

Formulated in a lubricating Vazogen Transdermal Gel, Max Size Cream is not oily or greasy and may be enjoyed during sex by both partners, male and female. In addition, Max Size Cream may be used by those who have medical conditions that prevent them from using ingestibles.

Swiss Navy produce a wide range of products that are stringently tested and proven to deliver premium results. Take a look at their product range today, and purchase with confidence from a brand that is trusted, and highly respected, around the globe.

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