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Pjur New Zealand

Winner 2015 StorErotica Lubricant Company of the Year, 2012 XBiz Award for Sexual Stimulant Company of the Year and 2012 Calvista Sexual Health & Wellbeing Award). Range includes pjur Woman and pjur original lubricant, pjur Aqua, pjur Basic, pjur Glide, pjur Superhero, pjur Cult Rubber and Latex Spray, pjur Light, pjur Gel, pjur Prolonging Performance Spray, pjur Power Cream, pjur Toy Clean and Titanmen lubricants.

Not all lubricants are equal which is why not all orifices should be treated with the same lube.

Anal sex requires special lube to assure easy access while simultaneously preventing injury when things can speed up or get rough. Your back door needs special attention and extra soft lube to ensure your anal sex is painless and enjoyable for both partners. The good people of Pjur have designed special lubes for this special encounter.

Pjur Woman lube has been formulated especially for a lady's specific needs; this glide comes without any added harsh chemicals like perfume or preservatives that can irritate the delicate soft skin of lady parts. Its lasting effect will keep you from having to stop mid-coitus, no one likes interrupting their grove. Also available is Pjur's lube for her that has stimulating effects to make things more interesting. It warms up with skin contact making lubrication a more pleasant feeling, no more cold and clammy groping fingers.

Pjur has formulated anal lubes for guys and dolls. Some relationships are all about the backdoor, and fellas need lube too. You can have a buffet of choices that will fit all of your needs. For the all guys team the #1 seller is Pjur's Power Cream, and Pjur med PRO LONG spray. Pjur has other products for a wide selection of uses such as Superhero Glide; it's formulated with ginkgo that increases blood circulation for super power to keep things harder longer. It's available in a tube or bottle.

All of Pjur's lubes come in water-based or silicone for your preference or need. If you prefer sprays, Pjur's glides come in back door sprays for easier and quick application so getting down to business won't be delayed. Find your perfect fit, you have your choice between Relaxing anal glide made with jojoba for added softness, Pjur's premium water-based lube Aqua, for a stimulating effect try Cool, and Espresso for when you need a jolt of energy. Pjur also has His and Hers gift packs for couples, keep it to yourself or make it a cheeky present to give to your friends; dirty minds think alike.

You can also pick up on-the-go sachets, they're perfect for traveling, take them with you for those long romantic weekends away from home. Pjur also kindly put together sampler packs to try out, so there's no wasting money trying to find the right lube for you and your partner.

Don't forget to pick up Special After Shave for intimate areas, it's created just for those tender and delicate areas you like to keep groomed. This calming spray will reduce inflammations or those unsightly spots while moisturizing your sensitive nether regions. It's painless and doesn't sting after initial application. Safe for frontal or rear use.

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