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Oxballs is a forthright brand best explained by its product range………..so let’s get started.

Humpballs Super-Elastic Cock Rings feature all the benefits of the original Humpballs, but are more durable, softer and have greater squishiness than ever before. What’s more, this cock ring is designed so that it doesn’t tug on your pubes (great for gentlemen who have more hair than others). The Humpballs Super-Elastic Cockring  is made from Skinflex-TPR which is super-soft and ensures that the cock ring remains comfortable, even when worn for extended periods of time.

There are a number of jelly cock rings on the market, but Humpballs are far softer and blubberier than their contemporaries. This means that you don’t need to worry about pinching and squeezing too tight. You can stack the cock rings; it feels just like a firm grip gently tugging on your balls.

Humpballs are premium quality, and are guaranteed to outlast most other cheap, jelly rings available on the market.

The Nutter Sack Gripping Sling is similar to the Sacksling but offers a greater grip. It is a fleshy sack with realistic veins designed to encase your balls and plump up your package. Made from Flex-TPR, the Nutter is thick and rubbery, but soft enough to mould itself to the shape of your sack. The Nutter can also be used as a Nutter Electro as it includes a drain hole to let out perspiration and to allow the insertion of electrodes.

The Nutter comes in a variety of colours including black and clear. You can also use the Nutter as a packer to fill out a jockstrap or other tight gear; you’ll certainly attract plenty of male attention!

For those of you who enjoyed the Gym-Boy, Oxballs have recently introduced a new and improved version; the Muscle. This cock sheath is made from incredibly soft TPR and is designed to mould to your penis and provide a deep, sucking sensation; not unlike deep throating. You will please even the most demanding of partners by adding extra length and girth, plus the Muscle looks seriously nasty when worn.

The base of the Muscle is similar in design to the Cocksling 2 and it holds the cocksheath firmly in place whatever the action. The Muscle can also be adjusted via a small silicone stopper that locks firmly into grooved indents if you require a tighter fit. What’s more, each sheath also has soft TPR ridges that provide massaging sensations up and down the length of your penis.

Oxballs cater for all aspects of chastity play via their Atomic Jock range of products. Their new Cock Lock makes locking up your penis even easier; no tiny padlocks, or rigid metals or plastics. Modelled after the Cocksling 2, the Cock Lock is made from TPR and stretches during use. Use with your favourite lubricant.

Cock Lock also doubles as the perfect packer giving your jockstrap a hefty pornstar bulge.

The Diesel power industrial silicone cock ring has ridges inside and out and is made from super soft Silfex soft silicone which is warm to the touch. Designed to be worn for longer periods; wear under tight clothing or during a marathon session. The angled ridges will ensure that the Diesel will stay in place as they channel sweat and lubricant around the ring.

The Diesel cock ring is safe for use with all types of lubes including water-based, oil based, water/silicone hybrid, and silicone lubes, and can be cleaned with detergent and hot water, in the dishwasher, or soaked in a bleach-water solution.

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