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Blow up dolls have been the perfect partner for men for many years, and they still do not fail to tease and excite.  Nanma started selling sex novelties way back in 1980, and the company is still one of the most successful manufacturers of sex dolls worldwide; you will find their products across all six continents. Nanma aims to provide adult products at affordable prices, and they have many satisfied customers who have remained loyal to the company for many years.

Nanma have stringent procedures in place and work to a very high standard to ensure that their products are safe to use. They send their products to UKCAS accredited laboratories for regular testing to ensure that they meet EU directives and regulations, so you can be confident that their sex dolls can be used without risk. Highly functional and hygienic, their inflatable ladies are guaranteed to provide the ultimate satisfaction.

If you are new to the world of inflatable sex dolls then why not start with the Valentine range? These blow-up ladies are available in a huge range of body types, and positions and each one has a character all of her own. Fun and affordable, the Valentine range is a great place to start when looking for your first PVC partner.

Sabrina Norwood is a raven-haired beauty with large breasts and erect nipples. She is made from body-safe PVC material, and even glows in the dark so you can be sure to find her when the lights are down! She is laid, ready and waiting, in the missionary position, and has three tempting love holes; mouth, vagina, and anus.

Nanma appreciate that some gentlemen prefer blondes hence they created Stacy Wild. This gorgeous young lady is in the lotus position, and has large breasts, erect nipples, and three love holes; mouth, vagina, and anus. Made from body-safe PVC material Stacy is ready and waiting to accommodate your every desire.

Scarlet Creame is a very adaptable sex doll as she comes with removable props. She also glows in the dark and has voluptuous breasts with pert nipples. She is perfectly positioned missionary style, and made from body-safe PVC. She has three love holes; mouth anus and vagina.

If you are more of a sex doll connoisseur then the Extravaganza range of blow up dolls could be just what you are looking for. Antonya Vidra is incredibly lifelike and promises to fulfil your every fantasy. Three feet tall, with realistic hair and eyelashes, Antonya has perky breasts with erect nipples. She also has a 3D rotocasted head, and 3D rotocasted feet and hands. To add further to the realistic effect she also boasts printed nails and two love holes with realistic tunnels and an easy to clean chamber. She is ready and waiting in the rowing boat position.

Eileen Sue is also part of the high-end Extravaganza range. This red-haired vixen is in the ‘on your knees’ position and is also incredibly realistic. Soft hair and eyelashes, printed fingernails, and an anatomically correct vagina and anus with an easy to clean chamber make for a staggeringly graphic experience.

Inflatable sex dolls can be a fun and sexy way to explore your deepest desires. Nanma produce such a massive range of different dolls that it would be a shame to stick to just one. Why not start a sex doll collection, and have a different lady in your life every day of the week!

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