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Karma Sutra produce a sensational range of products guaranteed to enhance your love making, making the whole experience far more sensual and erotic.

If you and your lover are new to each other then it can be difficult to find a balance between being too cautious and too wild. It’s probably best to start with the basics as there will be plenty of time for something slightly more adventurous further down the road. Ensure that everything runs smoothly when you first start getting to know each other a little better by using Kama Sutra Love Liquid®.

Love Liquid® is a classic, water-based lubricant that makes sex effortless. The luxurious formula provides a smooth and silky glide which feels incredibly natural. The lubricant is fragrance and colour free so is suitable for all skin types, and is long-lasting. Love Liquid® can be used with a types of condom; adding a small drop to the inside tip of the condom as well as to the outside when it is on makes the experience of using condoms far more comfortable and pleasurable.

If you want to treat your lover to celebrate a special occasion, whether it be an anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day, then a trip to a romantic destination, or a romantic dinner at home, can be greatly appreciated. You can add a little more romance to the occasion with a Karma Sutra Travel Kit. The kits are compact so fits neatly into your luggage and contain everything you need for an evening of fun and sensuality.

The Getaway Kit™ is an essential travel kit for lovers off to spend time together in a romantic paradise. The kit contains an assortment of small-sized treats that take up minimal space in your suitcase, yet are big enough to use over a number of nights. The kit includes a tea light candle and a mini feather tickler, Oil of Love Vanilla Crème kissable body oil, Honey Dust Sweet Honeysuckle kissable body powder, Body Soufflé French Vanilla Crème kissable body cream, and Love Liquid Classic personal, water-based lubricant, all presented in a zippered, keepsake toiletry bag.

Oil of Love® is a water-based foreplay oil that warms deliciously on the skin. Apply to the erogenous zones of the body, blow lightly on the area, and follow with kisses. The oils come with a dropper to ensure easy application, and have a water-based, non-staining, formula. This kissable body oil is not a lubricant or massage oil. Oil of Love® is available in a variety of enticing flavours including ; Original (notes of creamy vanilla, warm chocolate with a hint of spicy cinnamon), Raspberry Kiss (the tart yet sweet flavor of wild raspberry), Vanilla Crème (creamy vanilla flavor. Reminiscent of fresh baked sugar cookies), Tropical Mango (sweet, ripe mango), Strawberry Dreams (Plump, juicy strawberries), and Coconut Pineapple (melt-in-your-mouth coconut cream with a splash of juicy pineapple).

Karma Sutra products bring your senses to life and create intimacy between you and your partner. Why not ask your partner to smooth your favourite moisturizer into your body every day? Touch is a powerful aphrodisiac, and you also get to enjoy soft, smooth skin on a daily basis that smells, and feels, gorgeous.

Check out the amazing Karma Sutra range today and set your senses on fire.

Kama Sutra products include Intensify Gel, Liquid Love, Oils of Love, Massage Candles, Lover's Body Paint, Pleasure Balm, Treasures of the Sea, Weekender Kits, Getaway Kit, Honey Dust Body Powders, Aromatic Massage Oils, Massage Therapy Kit, Luxury Bathing Gel, Intimate Caress Shave Creme (2012 XBiz Award – Sensual Bath & Body Product of the Year), Body Souffles, ImPulse Pulsating Applicator, Divine Nectar Lubricant, Intensify Plus Arousing Gel and EroStick Kissing Gel. As seen in Cosmpolitan, Elle, People, Playboy, Women's Health and Ask Men.

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