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ElectraStim have been manufacturing erotic e-stim products since 2001, and their experience shows! They design and make premium quality stimulation boxes that come with a whole host of different features. Their extensive range includes mains-powered, battery-powered, and USB rechargeable models; all stimulators have a standard 3.8mm safety plug for the connecting cable, and 2 x 2mm pins for the connecting electrodes.

You get to choose your own method of stimulation. You can either create your own patterns based on movement, voice, or audio input, or use the pre-programmed stimming patterns.

Unlike conventional sex toys that rotate or vibrate, electrostimulation directly stimulates your nerve endings via electrical signals that are produced with care, and generate an intensely stimulating sensation within your body. ElectraStim stimulators provide tingling and contractions that mimic and exacerbate the feelings experienced during sexual contact. You may even be brought to orgasm without the need for any further stimulation. You are able to control the amount of stimulation you receive; increase the power slowly for a more erotic and sensual experience, or start straight off at the highest levels. Using the ElectraStim on a high setting can be almost tortuous making e-stim popular with those who enjoy BDSM.

If you’re new to electro stimulation the company produce a number of different kits to get you started. The ElectraStim Flick Stimulator Pack is a great way to buy the New ElectraStim “Flick” digital electro sex stimulator. The kit includes pads measuring 50mm square, which are self-adhesive and can be placed in whichever area you choose. Try fixing a pad to the buttock or inner thigh area before having sex with your partner. As the current flows between your bodies you will experience feelings that you have never experienced before. You can add to your collection with other Electra-Stim accessories as long as they have a 2mm socket that will connect directly to the ElectraStim cable.

ElectraStim works by transmitting electrical impulses to your brain along your nerve pathways. When these impulses reach your brain they are interpreted as being enjoyable contracting and tingling sensations that can result in an erotic response. All ElectraStim simulators are designed to conform with the European General Requirements for Safety of Medical Electrical Equipment (EN60601-1 and section 2.10 for nerve and muscle stimulators), and all stimulators and accessories carry the mandatory CE mark.

It is important that you read the instructions for both the stimulators and the electrodes carefully before use. Bear in mind that stimulation should only be used below the waist. You should also make sure that the electrodes you choose are fit for purpose; for example, only use a probe for anal stimulation if it is deemed appropriate to be used in this area by the manufacturer. In addition, you should not attach electrodes to areas where you have any skin irritation of inflammation.

Do not use ElectraStim products during menstruation (internal electrodes), if you are pregnant, you are suffering from a penile or vaginal disorder of any type, you have a heart condition, you have epilepsy, or you are in general ill health.

Try ElectraStim today if you would like to add a little ‘spark’ to your sex life. ElectraStim products open you up to a whole new world of sensations that really are electrifying!

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