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Buy Bonk Lube – Certified Organic Personal Lubricants in NZ

Bonk lube is a range of pure Certified Organic personal lubricants made in New Zealand. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to enhance your fun and lovemaking. Certified by internationally recognised BioGro New Zealand, giving you complete confidence in the organic integrity of bonk lube.

Bonk really is different

Bonk lube is unique in that it offers a range of Certified Organic personal lubricants designed, made and rigorously tested in New Zealand. Our products are designed to enhance your fun and lovemaking and give you an organic alternative to the mainstream range of lubricant products available which contain some pretty nasty chemicals.

What’s in bonk?

Bonk firmly supports fun of both the safe and risque varieties and comes in both water-based and oil-based forms so you can bonk however you fancy. See below for a full list of ingredients in each product along with their respective benefits.

Certified Organic

All bonk lube products are Certified Organic by internationally recognised Certifier BioGro New Zealand.

Made in New Zealand

Bonk is proudly made in New Zealand from carefully selected organic ingredients designed for maximum fun.

Enhance Your Lovemaking

We support sex of any variety and with our water and oil based options you can be sure there’s a bonk lube to suit your tastes.

Buy Online

Buy bonk lube simply and securely from our online store and have it delivered discretely anywhere in New Zealand.