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At GetSexToys we stock a huge range of BMS Factory adult toys; a company who have been manufacturing high quality sex toys for a number of years now. Their pedigree is impressive; they won the XBix Sex Toy Company of the Year in 2012, and were the Winner of the Best Product Range for their Swan Collection of Vibrators and Massagers. In addition, they won the Best Environmental Concept Award for their Leaf series of personal massagers, and are the proud manufacturer of the award-winning Palmpower massagers and the Powerbullet.

The Palm Power Massager is powered by the Powerbullet, and it is guaranteed to send highly-charged vibrations throughout your entire body, soothing your senses and delivering instant relaxation. Simply plug it in, press ‘go’ and experience phenomenal sensations throughout your whole body that only the Palm Power Massager can deliver.

If you are after a little bit of luxury then look no further than the Platinum Power Bullet. Available in two sizes; 3 inch and 5.5 inch, this vibrating bullet is encased in silky, smooth material for a slick, soft, sensation against your body. The Platinum Power Bullet features the very latest technology allowing you to control the speed of the vibrations; by pressing and holding the button down you will feel the vibrations increase. When you reach your desired speed setting simply let go of the button. It’s as easy as that; no fiddling with complicated switches or dials. If you want to increase the speed of the vibrations simply press and hold the button again. When you’re done just press and release the button quickly.

Not only is the Platinum Power Bullet one of the smoothest vibrating bullets you can buy, it is also one of the most innovative. It features a glowing LED button and an upgraded flat button which makes it simpler and more comfortable to use. In addition, it is both wireless and waterproof so can be operated remotely, and used safely in the tub or shower.

The Silver Swan features accentuated curves that tease both the mind and body. It is powered by two huge motors that supply the vibrator with strong, intense, pulsations, and can be relied upon to provide hours of pleasure. It is compact (the soft-shelled body sits comfortably in the palm of your hand), and feels delicious against your skin due to the soft silicone casing and silicone covered buttons.

The Silver Swan is fully rechargeable via the included Lithium-Ion battery, and one, two-hour charge provides a whole six hours of vibrations. It is phthalate-free so completely body-safe. If you are after speed and precision, without the expense of buying batteries, then you could find the Silver Swan hard to beat.

Touch by Leaf won BMS Factory a coveted Best Environmental Concept Award; and we can see why! This strikingly unusual vibrator harnesses the desire to touch and incorporates it into a product that is soft, silky, and oh so sensual. Touch by Leaf is elegantly handcrafted and is made to fit the contours of your body perfectly. Although small enough to fit in the palm of your hand it features powerful vibrations via the Powerbullet, single motor, and is also rechargeable so doesn’t need a regular supply of batteries. Made from seamless silicone, the Leaf is Phthalate-free so completely safe to use in your most intimate areas, and one two-hour charge provides a run-time of approximately one hour and forty minutes.

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