Unleash your inner seductress

Unleashing your inner seductress might sound like a cheesy piece of advice from an erotic novel like Fifty Shades of Grey or something equally as silly. It’s the sort of thing a virgin might think she needs to do to prepare herself for the big event that is sexual intercourse! The problem is that ‘unleashing your inner seductress’ can easily go from sexy to trying way too hard. Guys might love a woman who is in control of her sexuality but they hardly expect you to act like a porn star – unless that sort of thing comes naturally to you!

So how can you unleash your inner seductress without coming on too strong? Well, being seductive is all about enjoying sex and not only that, but being able to express how much you enjoy it! Before you go seducing anyone you’re going to need to be comfortable with your sexuality and know exactly what you want… Then you can go out there and get it!

Start at home alone. Get to know all your curves and hot spots. When you know what feels good you’ll be able to show your partner what feels good as well. Guys love being able to please you so it’s important not to merely focus on how to please them. It’s really a help them help you (which in turn helps them) kind of deal.

Get confident using toys. Not everybody knows how to incorporate toys into the bedroom without coming across all awkward. It’s a shame because when toys are used properly they can really spice up the bedroom. For example, you could try using the we-vibe 4 plus or a similar product during intercourse. It comes with several different settings that your partner can control while it stimulates you. When trying to be seductive it never hurts to give your partner a little show and then gradually encourage him to become involved. You could even send a few cheeky snaps of your new purchase to get his brain and his motor running wild.

Being successfully seductive is all about feeling good. If you feel good about yourself it will show and nothing is more seductive than a person who feels comfortable in their own skin. Find out what kind of lingerie makes you feel good and put it on before you get down to business. If it’s appropriate you could even wear it under your everyday clothes so that you know you’re ready to go any time. You’d be surprised how much confidence you get from wearing a nice set of matching underwear.

Listen to the person you are trying to seduce. Are they giving you clues as to what they find most erotic? Being a good seductress is as much about the person you are seducing as it is about your raw sexuality. Some guys are going to be heels and stockings fans while others are going to find you sexiest in a t-shirt and your underwear. Some guys might want a big sensual build up while others would prefer a surprise quickie in a random location. Some guys like a girl who takes charge while others prefer a game that is a little coyer. Figure out your target and work from there and you’ll be a keen seductress in no time.