Sex Toys: Toys with Health Benefits

Sex toys are gaining more and more popularity these days, in New Zealand themed parties selling sex toys are quickly replacing old traditional tupperware parties. Sales are growing; online websites are expanding and sex shops are cropping up in most towns.

Technology is improving and progressing the capabilities and features of adult toys every year. Besides getting one’s pleasure or living out a fantasy there are several health benefits to using sex toys in your bedroom, or outside it.

For men who may be climaxing too soon and want to last longer, using a masturbator, such as a sleeve or the popular Fleshlight, a favourite among men, can help build stamina and endurance. Practicing between your sexual encounters will release any building up of sexual tension for those with higher sex drives who may have partners with a lower sex drive. For men especially, keeping a healthy prostate is important to help preventing prostate health issues such as cancer. Special prostate massagers need no partner to use and can be just as effective to stimulate a man’s erogenous zones while still reaping the health benefits of having a partner.

Using sex toys can also boost and enhance your climaxes as well. A good healthy orgasm will release endorphins in your brain which will in turn relieve stress, if you have a highly stressful job or busy lifestyle, regular sex and achieving an orgasm will lessen stress, and lower blood pressure. Ladies, you can toss out the old excuse of “I have a headache,” endorphins and other chemicals released in the brain during sex and an orgasm, also make great pain relievers and can boost your mood. It’s great at the end of a long tedious day, and a great way to start your day too.

Sexual exploration, experimentation and sharing fantasies opens up communication between lovers and spouses. It takes trust to open up and share a fantasy you may feel is silly or taboo, when you can safely share with your partner, it can strengthen your intimacy and builds trust. Trust develops closer and tight-knit relationships, encourages honesty which will lessen any insecurities and jealous feelings. Feeling sensual and secure also makes you carry yourself with confidence, which is sexy as hell.

Since you’re using sex toys, you’re probably not staying in missionary form. A good romping session gets your blood pumping, gives you healthy circulation which improves heart health and burns calories, and is also known to boost one’s immune system. It also gives the skin that famous after-sex-glow, giving you a healthy appearance and makes you more sexually attractive. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, having hot and heavy sex will help you sleep better with out any negative side effects.

Even if you’re into BDSM don’t dismiss its benefits either, you’re still getting the same benefits too, the endorphins, dopamine, prolactin, and oxytocin pumping through your brain and blood, plus the emotional trust it takes to be vulnerable, you are being tied up after all, is good for your over all emotional well being. As long as both parties are mutually happy and after care is done correctly.

If you and your partner have been together for awhile, sex may become routine, and a bit boring, the risk is it may decrease your sexual activity from a few times a week to a few times a month, or worse, less than once a month. Sometimes to raise your sexual drive you need to practice more sex, in other words to desire more, you need to get more, but it needs to be great sex, otherwise you’re just going through the motions. Adding in a sex toy to your routine can bring a renewing effect on your love life and add life to your sex.