Male Sex Toys: Top Five Toys to Try Today


Five million served and counting. This masturbating toy, though it can and should be used with a partner too, has been satisfying men world-wide. It’s easy to use, clean up, and it pleases easily. With their patented SuperSkin material you’ll swear it’s the real deal. Different orafices available; mouth, anal and pussy. View Fleshlights range.

Cock Ring (vibrating)

It looks like an innocent ring, but slide this one on your cock and you’ll feel a gentle vibration on your shaft. She’ll feel the vibration against her clit, giving you both a sensation you can experience together for a harder orgasm. View Cock Rings range.

Vibrating Prostate Massager

Don’t be shy to give this special toy a try. Every man no matter what sexual orientation has a p-spot, two in fact, the prostate and the perineum. Stimulating the prostate has certain health benefits too; studies have shown it can help reduce health risks such as prostate cancer. View Vibrating Prostate Massagers range.

Anal Beads

Timing is crucial for this toy. It’s best used when you pull them out just as you are about to cum. Just insert before you get warmed up, and just before you cum, give it a pull and you’ll experience a mind-blowing orgasm as you feel one bead at a time release a new sensation. Anal beads have been around for awhile, a secret taboo for most men, but not anymore. View Anal Beads range.

We Vibe

Although this is meant for couples it still pleases him very much. This couple’s vibrator slides in to please her while giving him a hummer of a vibration too. Its unique U-shape also gives her clit a massage. It can be used solo not just by her. You can use it as well; enjoy the vibration around your cock or other places let your imagination do the rest. View We-Vibe Vibrators range.