Lube for the Back Door is a Must

Anal sex is that taboo sexual practice that so many of us turn our nose up at, but almost half of heterosexual women admit to trying. Going round back can often make us feel a bit uncomfortable – and that’s before we even get anything up there! Some people consider anal sex an alternative to vaginal sex for religious or contraceptive reasons and all I can say is: those women are troopers. Anal sex can be terrific, but I doubt many women are lining up to take it in the butt exclusively. It’s a very different experience but if you explore it carefully you might just find a new favourite position!

If you’re thinking of giving anal sex a try there are a few things to consider. First of all, you might not be able to get pregnant through your rectum but beware of any leakage that might make its way to your nether region. Secondly never go from the back door to the front door, if you catch my drift. You’ll risk causing some nasty infections if you don’t change condoms or wash up first. Thirdly, it might get a little messy so take precautions and be prepared for things not to go 100% as planned. Having a partner you can laugh with will help reduce any awkwardness.

But the most important thing to remember when engaging in anal sex is that lubricant is a must. Obviously your anus is not self-lubricating like a vagina would be. It’s not necessarily designed to have anything inserted up there… As if that’s ever stopped anyone! So before getting down and dirty at the back door you’ll need to invest in some very good lubricant and use lots of it!

Silicone base lubricants are a better choice than water based ones because they last longer and feel more natural. I mean, in so far as a lubed up butthole can feel natural. Silicone based lubricants are usually slightly more expensive but for anal, they are worth the added price. Many couples avoid silicone based lubricants as they can damage condoms, but if condoms aren’t strictly necessary in your situation then lube up and strap in!

Take it easy when trying anal for the first time. It will feel strange and maybe even a bit uncomfortable but it shouldn’t be painful. If it is then slow down, try to relax and use even more lubricant. Foreplay and stimulation of other erogenous zones can be a welcome distraction during anal sex, especially if you are trying to get used to it. Back door sex can be loads of fun as long as you take time to do a little research and pick up some supplies.

Good luck!