Love your body!

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of hippy mumbo jumbo out there on the Internet telling us to love ourselves. It’s not that it’s not good advice, it’s just that telling someone to ‘love themselves’ can come off a bit vague. There are a lot of ways for us to love ourselves. We can value ourselves for our good qualities, be proud of our achievements and remember to take care of our bodies.

When it comes to taking care of your body and treating it with a little TLC it’s just not realistic to expect anyone to love every inch of it. We all have flaws and that’s okay. As long as you generally feel good about your body and treat it with respect then you’re on the right path. Part of treating your body with the respect it deserves is to recognise that your body has specific sexual needs and that they deserve to be met.

Sexual health is a pretty big part of our lives but a lot of people neglect to take care of it. They shower their bodies with love by eating right and working out or by buying nice clothes and finding time to relax but it’s not always easy to be open about ‘self-love’.  (In this context self-love is the hands down the pants kind, just in case you were wondering.)

When you’re a part of a couple loving your body might mean communicating properly with your partner and making sure you get what you need below the waist. When you’re single it’s just as, if not more, important to give yourself what you need. There are a few ways you can do this.

Orgasms are good for your body and good for your mind so if you feel a bit weird about going solo it’s time to change your tune. There’s no shame in finding out what makes you feel all hot and heavy when you’re all alone! On a related note there shouldn’t be any shame in splashing a little cash while you’re figuring it out.

Sex toys are a great way to love your body whether you’re in a couple or not. Couples might enjoy experimenting with one another or simply use sex toys when their partner can’t be available. But it’s single folk who can really benefit from exploring the range of options out there. It might be a little daunting at first but the purchase of a quality sex toy can give new life to self-love and really, isn’t that the number one rule in the feel-good handbook?

The we-vibe is a range of high quality sex toys that you won’t feel bad for indulging in. They employ new technology to be interactive, comfortable and easy to use. There are a range of options for couples and for people going solo. Our recommendation is the waterproof ‘Touch’ with eight different vibration settings. It’s the perfect way to let your body know you care.