How to get him excited about toys

Ladies, you might have started to catch on to the sex toy craze that is emerging in the 21st century! With high tech toys like the We-Vibe, which can be controlled via mobile app, being introduced the trend shoes no sign of slowing down. Women are taking control of their sexuality in a very real way and they are putting their money where their… uh… mouth… is.

But some of you might be wondering how to get your man on board with this self-exploration. A lot of guys love the idea of a woman taking charge in the bedroom but some of them might be uncomfortable with the introduction of, let’s call it a rival. Some men see sex toys as a sign that they are somehow lacking in the bedroom department and they might take a little convincing before they start to see them as the exciting opportunity that they are.

Don’t surprise your man with a huge dildo or shiny new vibrator one night and just assume that he’s cool. If you have a reason to suspect that he will be intimidated by the introduction of some fancy new penis like accessory then bring the topic up gently. Suggest that it might be fun to try something new and kinky. Tell him that you’ve heard about these great new toys that come with lots of special interactive features for couples. If it’s necessary, assure him that this is not about the size of his dick.

Can his dick vibrate in eight different ways and be controlled by a mobile device? Let’s hope not.

Talk to him about the benefits for both of you. Maybe using this toy solo will teach you what works for you and in turn, help you to teach it to him. Maybe using this toy during sex will make it easier for you to orgasm and let both of you relax and enjoy the experience. Maybe using this toy will just add an extra kink factor that could shake things up a bit.

Point out the benefits for both of you. Using the We-Vibe during sex could actually heighten his experience by making your pussy feel tighter. He might even enjoy the vibrations himself. If your man is a techy then he might enjoy experimenting with the remote control settings and having complete control over your orgasm, even without physically touching you. If he’s still a bit sensitive about the idea you could always suggest that you use the toy to put on a show for him as foreplay. Make sure he feels like the toy is something for both of you as a couple and not a way for you to make up for his shortcomings in the bedroom.

Sex toys can take sex from good to great. The We-Vibe range has many models specifically designed for couples to use and benefit from. Don’t let your man get caught up in the stereotype of women using sex toys because their men can’t satisfy. Nothing could be further from the truth! Modern sex toys are here for adults of both genders to enjoy and they are here to stay!