How Can I Last Longer in Bed?

Only sleep with people you find entirely repulsive… Just kidding. Premature ejaculation is a concern for a lot of men and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everybody’s sexual organs work a little differently and a good partner will understand your need for sensitivity regarding the issue. Many women won’t mind if you sometimes finish a little early, especially if you know how to please them in other ways. However, if your premature ejaculation is becoming a huge hurdle in your love making, there are few things you can do to help overcome it.

Thicker Condoms

If your premature ejaculation problem is only minor then perhaps using thicker condoms will be enough to keep you pumping away for longer. Avoid sensitive or ‘nude’ feeling condoms that will increase your sensations.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are fastened around the base of the penis to restrict blood flow and help you last a little longer. Some of them even come with buzzing parts that will help stimulate you or your partner during sex. The added stimulation might even help ensure that she comes before you do! Don’t be put off by their appearance, just be sure to buy one that fits correctly to help prevent injury to the area.


The Fleshlight is the high tech sex toy for today’s modern man. It’s designed to look a lot like a large flashlight with your discretion in mind. The inside of the device is a tight sleeve that may look like a mouth, anus or vagina. Using a water based lubricant the Fleshlight can be penetrated and used as a masturbatory aid. The Fleshlight stamina training unit (STU) is a Fleshlight that is designed to help increase your stamina as you practice on the sleeve. It also comes with a training manual that provides tips on how to get the most out of your Fleshlight STU experience.


If physical techniques to overcoming your premature ejaculation woes are unsuccessful then it might be time to consider talking to an expert. Sometimes the issue can be more psychological than physical and you might need to address the real reasons behind your premature ejaculations. You might find that with a little cognitive therapy the problems start to resolve, or else your expert might recommend medication in extreme cases. Medication should be seen as a last resort after all other methods have been exhausted, as it is not without side effects.

Many men overestimate the amount of time the average guy spends getting right down to business. While foreplay and other sexual activities could last for hours it’s not uncommon for actual penetration to last only four to five minutes. Sex isn’t usually like porn movies where the guys can pump away for an hour straight in at least six different positions. And if you ask your woman she’ll probably tell you quite honestly that it’s fine by her! Make sure you aren’t worrying about nothing before you run out and buy all the equipment listed above.