Healthy benefits of sex

We have sex for lots of reasons. We do it because it feels good. We do it because we want to feel closer to somebody. We do it because we want to start a family, I mean… Sometimes. We are driven to seek out sex and from a biological stand point that makes perfect sense. But sex isn’t just good for the survival of the species. It’s good for our health on an individual level as well.

Sex can boost your immune system and help fight off nasty colds and viruses. So when the cool change comes you have double the reasons to spend all day in a nice cosy bed! If you want to keep your body in fighting form, make regular sex a priority.

Orgasms can block pain. Ironically sex is just as likely to cure a headache as it is likely to be prevented by one. Many women also find that orgasms can reduce the symptoms of menstrual cramps. Sex as a natural pain killer? Sounds like the perfect excuse to get frisky.

Sex can help you sleep better which is essential to good health. Many people experience a feeling of sleepiness and relaxation after orgasm, whether they were with a partner or going solo. Try having sex right before you go to sleep to improve your feelings of wellness come morning.

Sexual release with a partner can provide a remedy to stress, in part because being close to someone you care about releases all those feel good hormones. However, many people find masturbation a suitable substitute for stress relief when sex is not an option.

Lowered incidences of health problems such as heart disease, high blood-pressure and depression have been linked to people’s sex lives. In fact, for women, it seems that being exposed to your partner’s sperm might actually have positive benefits for mood. Who knew men were just trying to do women a favour when they ask to go jacket free? (That’s a joke, please still wear a condom if you would normally do so.)

With all the health benefits that sex can provide there’s no wonder most of us try to get as much of it as possible! But if you’re stuck going solo never fear. Masturbation provides its own health benefits if you’re in a bit of a dry patch. It might not get those love hormones soaring but it can definitely boost your mood. Why not try a little self-love with a brand new toy like the We-Vibe Plus and see what happens? You’ll be on your way to good health in no time!