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With a warehouse that’s always lock, stock and barrel, plus keeps up with the latest sex toy du jour, browse sections and find new toys you never thought existed and ones that make you wet just wanting to try.

Toys for Her

It sounds so cliché right? A girl and her vibrator. Maybe to those that have never darkened the threshold of a sex shop. But for the girls that don’t get their panties in a bunch, it’s a wonderland of sexual pleasure treasures. We have everything from rabbits with tickling ears, vibrating dongs for when your man’s away but your sex drive isn’t, anal stimulators for all you backdoor lovers and we do love you for that ladies. A vast array of nipple stimulators for the twins, we gotta spend special time pleasing those lovely lady humps, vibrating bullets that you can use for self-pleasure or as a couple. Choose between all kinds of clit stimulators, you can use them along side the dildos for a very thorough orgasm, massagers for your naughty parts or your tight shoulders, which ever needs the most attention for the night, and panties that vibrate oh the place you’ll go while donning these darlings will give you a feeling of daring civil disobedience.

Toys for Him

The categories are almost as limitless as your imagination. If you fancy masturbators, we have Fleshlight – the world’s number 1 selling male sex toy; along with countless other sleeves, pocket pussies, mouth, or anuses that travel well. Need strap-ons? (don’t be shy) What have you got to lose, confess your inner desire for anal play. If you’re feeling lonely, we have some girls just waiting to get fucked, partial dolls, a fuck-face doll, she loves to give head, and a huge variety of blow up dolls to choose from, celebrities, porn stars, grannies & dirty old men. You can slide on a cock ring to extend your stamina and keep it hard longer, plus all things that vibrate in the night.

Toys for Us

The couples that play together stay together. Vibrators you either can enjoy simultaneously or use on each other. Try Lovers kits with all kinds of toys or starter kits for soft BDSM, for girls that like to be doubled up, a spare cock he can strap on. Pick up some reading material, erotic books you can read together for new ideas and positions to try, costumes for role play or age play. You can be a randy teen one night or a seductive french maid the next.

Kink & Fetish

BDSM anyone? There is more here than in any onsite sex shop you’ll ever see. Whether you’re a tender foot that likes blindfolds and paddles or a hard core fan with a deft hand at tying knots and restraints, you’ll find your wish list can be completed here. Floggers, whips, cat o’ nine tails, and riding crops, leather gear, masks, swings and slings, oh my.

The Kitchen Sink

From Hen Night supplies to pussy pumps, penis extenders, sexy lingerie, lubes for every kind of sexual preference, replaceable batteries for your toys, replacement parts for your toys, condoms, toy cleaners, douches (vaginal and anal), sex games, and even sex furniture. It’s all here and all a click away.

Enjoy the experience and freedom of online shopping. Your purchases are sent to your boudoir directly from our warehouse and packaged to keep your privacy intact. Shipping is fast and easy.