Back to School: Sex Toy Education

Bedroom blahs? Spice things by trying sex toys. Perhaps you’ve never tried to use anything besides what god gave you. If you haven’t experimented, then you’re missing out. Just like High School we learn as we go….

Flirty Freshman

Far from hard core, this is the softest of soft core, barely dipping your foot into the world of all things erotica and the very first level of trying something new. You can start out with warming gels, like Wet Stuff Strawberry Warming Lube. It warms up a bit so both partners can feel the excitement, first, the warming sensation and second, the flavor. Place it on her sensitive nipples so she can enjoy the warming sensation while you enjoy licking it off with the sweet taste of strawberries tickling your tongue. Other gels can give a cooling sensation when you apply to the skin and blow on it, for variety pick up a few flavoured lubes.

Sexy Sophomore

Take your roll call into role play. Have you ever been “hot for teacher?” Dress the part as a naughty goth school girl whose begging for after school private tutoring. She’s young, fresh and eager to learn. You can use costumes to heat up fantasies and help you and your partner get into your roles and feel the part. Besides the costumes, you can use props or toys, book her with velvet covered hand-cuffs to apprehend your dirty little jail bird, if she tries to escape, time for a flogging. If you’ve never used a flogger, test it out first, use it gently and always have a *safe word. When you use props and toys, your head can really get in the game.

Jolly Junior

This ball is in your court. For those that like to experiment with something a little less soft and a little more daring, try some hardware. Anal balls and anal beads, when used properly, can enhance orgasms for men and women. The perineum is an erogenous zone for both male and female, using anal ticklers, vibrating bullets, or prostate massagers will hit the p-spot and make you cum harder. If you’re backdoor shy, then try Rabbit Vibrators, these vibrators comes with bunny ears that will tickle her fancy while you’re hitting her g-spot and make foreplay twice as nice. Don’t forget to get a vibrator for him too, Fleshlight has been the world’s leading seller in men’s sex toys.

Seductive Senior

Move over Mr Grey, all 50 of your shades pale in comparison. For those that really know the world of BDSM its rules and protocol, it can be thrilling and adventurous. Study hard girls and boys, there will be a test afterwards. If you’re completely new, start out with a kit, even a blindfolds and a tie down will make your blood pump with excitement, it’s rather thrilling being bound and blindfolded, tickled with a feather, kissed unexpectedly in naughty places, it’s the thrill of the anticipation. For those with a more practiced hand, using a different bondage restraint now and then renews the experience and keeps things from being routine. How far you want to go and how much you want to invest in e.g. swings, saddles, large floggers (in the right hand these are oh, so nice) hoods or masks; it’s up to your dirty little imaginations.

*A safe word is a code word that doesn’t break the mood, it means stop, slow down, or not so hard or time-out. As partners you choose the word and its meaning together.