Are app-controlled toys the future of sex?

When people used to think of futuristic sex they probably thought of virtual reality porn and high tech sex robots. While we aren’t too far from those outcomes there is another futuristic sexual practice proving to be popular with couples. App controlled sex toys. These are electronic adult toys that are able to be controlled remotely via the user’s smart phone. Both partners must log into the app and then sync the user’s phone to their pleasure device of choice.

Of course, nothing really beats having a partner play with your body in close proximity; so what makes this so revolutionary? The best feature of these devices is the ability for partners to be intimate with one another even from across the globe! Anyone who has been in a long distance relationship, or who has to travel a lot for work or school will tell you that the lack of physical intimacy is hard. You can call someone on the phone to hear their voice, you can see their face on Skype, you can even text them all day and receive almost real time details about their life. But the impact distance has on a couple’s sex life is difficult to manage – even if phone sex is your thing!

Imagine being able to have your partner put the moves on you without them having to be in the room. It’s so much more intimate than just touching yourself over the phone or video chat. The We-Vibe 4 Plus is one such device that is becoming extremely popular with long distance lovers. It has eight different rhythms so your partner can decide whether to tease you or please you from afar.

What’s another way to enjoy these toys? Well, some frisky couples have even experimented with using the toys in public, under their clothes. It’s subtle but very risqué and opens up whole new avenues to people with slightly voyeuristic predilections. It might not be for everyone, but high tech sex toys are providing exciting new opportunities for people to explore their desires.

It’s not just couples who can enjoy the pleasures of app controlled toys. It’s easy to imagine people using the devices to engage in cybersex with strangers. Since only the person using the toy needs to sync their phone to the device the user is able to provide their details to other people using the app, even if they have never met in real life. It’s a unique and safe way to go about having casual sex in the modern age!

App controlled toys are nothing if not efficient. It combines the fun of having someone else get you off with the convenience of staying home alone. Whether you’re part of a couple that needs help making things work long distance or just a singleton who doesn’t want to get dolled up to get laid, app-controlled sex toys are the future of sex.