Adult toys for two: A couple that plays together, stays together

“T” for two? If you’ve thought adult toys are nothing more than dildos and masturbators to be used by only the lonely, think again. Toys add flare to your romping sessions, liven your foreplay, and extend your orgasms.

The very first step is talking about what you’re willing to try out, what fantasies you have, and how far either of you are willing to go. For example, just because one of you would like to try a threesome doesn’t mean he/she is not into you. Ask why, it just might surprise you to hear that it’s watching you get pleased by another that’s the turn on, or maybe he wants you on his face and a pussy on his cock. If she’s not ready, using a Fleshlight is the perfect alternative. The point is to be open, and find your sensual buttons you are willing to push for each other. The only limit is your imagination.

If a low sex drive is the issue, rev it up with either some erotica literature or saucy DVDs. Take turns reading to each other and let your imaginations run wild. Take your time finding the right erotic movie that pleases you both.

Cut short date night, for a good reason. Wearing vibrating panties in public can make the meekest of girls feel daring and taboo, especially with her man in control of the remote settings. Her heart will skip a beat wondering when and where she’ll be buzzed next. Pair it with some vibrating nipple stimulators and she’ll be putty before you can say “Check please!”

The couple that vibes together, stays together. There are couples vibrators that can be enjoyed together; We-Vibe has several models to choose from that fit comfortably. With the curved end that will tickle her clit, the other end is inserted inside her for both of you to enjoy a thrilling vibration, but just how long you can hold out? You may find it takes your orgasms to new heights in half the time, so go slow if you want to double your time. Just because you’re not solo doesn’t mean you have to retire your favourite back up. Dildos are not for singles only either, using male and female masturbators on each other during foreplay to change things up.

Get more bang for your buck. Couples toy kits will have several goodies to play with so you can try all kinds of new things without going broke. Some kits may include a bullet, anal beads, cock rings, a dildo, flavored lotions, edible body paints and more. Choose one that you find the most enticing, don’t play it safe, be daring and you’ll reap the rewards.

Two can play at that game. Sometimes all it takes is thinking outside the bedroom; a steamy weekend get away and a new sex game can send you racing back to your suite to try it out.

Get out of your comfort zone so you won’t fall back into routine will keep things fresh and arousing. Erotic dice and a sensual imagination will turn up your kink factor. Having more than one game just keeps things interesting; a bedroom card game can give game night a whole new meaning. With these kinds of games, we’re all winners. Picking out toys can be just as fun as trying them out, make it fun, keep it fresh.